Zhengzhou Yutong Group Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Yutong Group”) headquartered in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, is a large-scale hi-tech diversified and internationalized enterprise group with product as lead, capital as link and enterprise culture as core, covering the industries of buses, construction machinery, special-purpose vehicles, environmental protection, automobile parts and components, trucks, real estate, and vehicle finance, etc. Its each business has entered into the spiral rising stage during which its integrated competitive force is driven by performance, and its integrated strength has been reinforced further. In 2010, the sales turnover of Yutong Group reached 20,836 million Yuan, higher than that in 2009 by 38.7%, and the sales volume reached 46,865 units of vehicles, higher than that in 2009 by 33.2%.


Zhengzhou Yutong Heavy Industries Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Yutong Heavy Industries”), as the core industry of Yutong Group is a Chinese specialized manufacturing enterprise incorporating the research, development, production and sale of large-scaled military and civil construction machinery, environmental protection machinery, special-purpose vehicle and other products and service. This Company located in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, occupies a land of 465,000m2, and has about 3,500 employees including more than 470 engineering technicians. The academician workstation and provincial enterprise technical center has been established. The Company has obtained strong technical innovation and new-product development abilities.


Yutong Heavy Industries is honored as the design and manufacturing cradle of Chinese construction machinery, and has given birth to more than 30 first products of China, including hydraulic torque converter, the power gearshift gearbox, self-propelled scraper and large-horsepower tire bulldozer.


Now, Yutong Heavy Industries has developed a series of solution service and more than 120 types of products divided to earthmoving machine, environmental protection equipment and project, piling machinery, special-purpose vehicles and hoisting machinery. Its business involves the roads, railways, irrigation works, buildings, coal mines, petroleum, city planning, environmental projection and other systems. The new business represented by environmental protection equipment and project, construction cranes and mining dump vehicles has entered into the market and obtained the expected market share. The market shares of landfill environmental protection equipment, long rotary drilling rigs, compaction machinery and impact compactors rank first in China, the market share of rotary drilling rig leads this industry. The sale of hi-tech new and advanced products represented by the new generation of loader and earth scraper in the foreign market has increased greatly and become the new highlight. With the technical innovation as drive, Yutong Heavy Industries can put many new products with advanced quality and property into the market every year, and has been identified and well appraised in this industry.


As the professional manufacturer of construction machinery of PLA Engineer Corps, in the past half a century, Yutong Heavy Industries has made outstanding contributions to the national defense, prepared thousands of high-speed bulldozers and loaders for the Corps, and been highly appraised by the Army owing to its high quality.


The Company has been certified by ISO9001-1994 quality management system in 1999, and by GJB9001A-2001 military standard quality management system in 2007, proving that the Company has perfect quality management system and complete quality assurance abilities; the Company has been certified by GB/T24001-2004 environment management system in 2009, and by GB/T28001-2001 occupational health and safety management system in 2011.


Based on the 50-year accumulated military technology and experience, the Company has adhered to the enterprise value of virtue exaltation, cooperation and innovation and the brand concept of full care, and insisted on the customers and employees-orientated operation management concept to quicken the management conversion, product structural optimization and employee team construction, expand the overseas markets fast, enhance the core competitive strength of enterprise continuously, and thus establish the firm foundation for the permanent development of enterprise.


Since 2003 when the enterprise was reformed, the sales income of Yutong Heavy Industries has increased at a speed of 30% for 7 years successively. In 2010, Yutong Heavy Industries sold 5,696 units of vehicles and created the sales income more than 2.4 billion Yuan.


Yutong Heavy Industries is dedicated to the predominant position in the construction machinery market and the outstanding product quality to become the quality leader in the construction machinery industry. The Company always tries its best to become a healthy and distinctive construction machinery manufacturer of China in 3-5 years and entered and rank first in this industry. At present, Yutong Heavy Industries is actively planning to move the whole plant to the new industrial park. With the design concept of advanced technology, energy saving and environmental protection, the construction and use of new industrial park will push Yutong Heavy Industries to a new step.


Yutong Heavy Industries wishes to interface and cooperate with the cooperative partners and relevant parties to realize the win-win development, set up the cooperative advantages of industrial chain, and create a bright future.

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