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Interpreting “FULL CARE” by Practical Action

On the afternoon of November 10, our post-sale engineer in Nigeria, Mr. Li Zhan, picked up a call from a customer in Lagos, telling him that a Loader of 956H (3G period has expired) bought in 2010 has suffered a mechanical breakdown, looking forward to urgent maintenance. Since the place for failure to occur is far apart and he has no possibility of arriving there the same day, Mr. Li hence got to the bus station at 6:00 o’clock in the next morning and ultimately arrived at the construction site two hours earlier than the appointed time. Immediately he began to inspect the fault vehicle and found the failure cause in a short time: the reverse gear planet carrier has gone wrong.

From the communication with customer, Mr. Li realized that such a part is not available in the local market, so he immediately commenced to look for the welding machine and lathe equipment for repairing the detective component, and in the end, he successfully ruled out the fault at 19:00 o’clock in the night. After that, Mr. Li conducted a comprehensive review of the whole vehicle and offered a quick-wear part list to the customer basing on his inspection result. Till then, the customer wholeheartedly turned up his thumb for Mr. Li’s strong technical skills and genuine service, also recognized the parts list supplied by him.

Full Care is a true feeling- treat customer like family, friend and partner. In the face of a vehicle which has passed 3G period, our post-sale service engineer, Mr. Li, made a quick action without any delay and hesitation aiming to rush to the customer site as fast as possible; Full Care is an attitude -- to be diligent in efficiency, also in “anxious customer anxious”. Mr. Li not only left aside his travel fatigue and had no consideration of relaxation, but also rapidly put himself into the inspection and repairing work; Full Care is to take an initiative - it’s not how to solve but First Call-Final Resolution, it’s to stick to result-oriented wok requirements. Mr. Li didn’t choose passive sleeping when facing the failure part but adjusted measures to local conditions and successfully got the damaged part repaired by using the local resources, and ultimately won the customer trust by virtue of sincere attitude and professional skills.