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How to Maintain the Mining Truck Tire

Tire air pressure is an important index of a motor vehicle. Either high air pressure or lower air pressure definitely affects the lifetime of tire, even can cause vehicle accident.

In case of excessive tire pressure, the tire can easily be punctured by sharp objects such as nail, glass on the road, leading to blowout. Also it can reduce contact with the road and road holding, which can affect the vehicle’s ability to accelerate and brake. Among other things, putting too much air in the tire can impair the suspension performance to cause vehicle vibration, giving rise to driver and passenger discomfort when a vehicle is being drive.

Insufficient tire pressure will cause rapid tire wear, and can reduce the service life of tire. Meanwhile, the road surface friction coefficient will increase accordingly, with it comes growing fuel consumption. The experiment suggests that if the tire pressure is 30% below standard, the oil consumption will grow by 10%.

Vehicle tire is consumable. Even small amount of time spent on the road, its natural aging is inevitable. So, the tire is definitely having a certain life time no matter what quality it owns. Normally the tire has a service life period of 2 years or 30,000-50,000 kilometers driving, but still depending on its use condition. If the tire often runs on the smooth road surface, its lifetime will prolong naturally, but if frequently travelling on sand clay road and likewise, a shortened change interval will occur on it. In general, tires with tread less than 1.6 mm in depth should be replaced because its reduced road holding will greatly affect the vehicle to accelerate and brake.

The wear-out on the front tires is often more serious than that on the rearduring a vehicle running process. An experienced driver tends to swap the front and rear tires to prolong their service life after the vehicle runs 8,000 to 10,000 kilometers. But if a tire wear is too serious even “bulged”, it’s time to replace this tire individually to avoid off-tracking.

Each experienced driver knows that it’s the norm to adjust tire pressure in alternating hot and cold seasons because the tire pressure will change due to thermal expansion and contraction. The standard pressure of most vehicles’ tire is 2.5 Kg for front and 2.7 Kg for rear in winter season; but in summer season, it will change to 2.3 kg for the front and 2.5 Kg for the rear. Nevertheless, it’s better to take a look at the hint staying on the vehicle door concerning the specific standard of tire pressure.

After adjustment of tire pressure following the instructions, one matter needs to keep in mind: every time when parking, have a look on the tread patterns left on the ground by the tire, as that’s just the situation when standard air pressure is in the tire.

In the meantime, our company supplies our customers with tire protection chain which can significantly increase the work efficiency of mining equipment tires, also can prolong the tires’ service life to cut back the huge cost of tire exchange.