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A Promising Future in West African Market

From Feb.18th to Mar. 24th, a market survey was done on the west African market by the business manager of Ghana together with technician Liu Lin, covering Liberia, Cote d’lvoire, Mali, the Republic of Guinea and Ghana.

Generally speaking, the West African market is economically backward, being rendered as a small economic entity. However, with rich natural resources, especially mineral resources, it is considered as the investment paradise by some tycoons of international mining companies. Besides, it is also the main market for mining equipment. Since mineral exploitation is one of the most important industries in West Africa, Yutong Heavy Industries resolved to explore the market of mineral equipment there from 2016. We are determined to make a road for the package of excellent mineral equipment from Yutong Heavy Industries to the market and then bring the client maximum value.


After investigating and researching the gold ore and bauxite mine in Mali, Guinea and Ghana, we have once again proved the superiority of our wide-body mine car, which sells quite well in Asia. By formulating the best strategy, we firmly believe that we can enter the market in a strong way.

In the meantime, we have taken some targeted strategies and actions regarding engineering machinery due to the local market which inclines to leasehold. It is firmly believed that the engineering machinery of Yutong Heavy Industries will also be sold well in West Africa through leasehold.

As Yutong Heavy Industries succeeded in the environmental sanitation project in Ghana, we also launched a targeted survey on the environmental sanitation market there. In addition, the sanitation market of Guinea has been selected as the key market in West Africa for future development.

A great many market opportunities were found in all the major product fields of Yutong Heavy Industries through this investigation and survey. It is firmly believed that, with advanced administration and hard work of the workers, Yutong Heavy Industries will surely witness a bright future in West African market. Products of Yutong Heavy Industries will be prevalent in West Africa.