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Basic Maintenance of New Loader

Upon receipt of new vehicle, the user must fulfill the run-in, in order to run in all friction portions of the machine, ensure reliable working of this machine, and prolong the service life. 

The run-in period of new vehicle is 30h. During the run-in, please abide by the following regulations and pay attention to the operation and maintenance.

1. Run in ever gear for 10h.

2. During the run-in, the loaded weight shall not exceed 60% of the rated load.

3. Control the vehicle speed at 5~30km/h.

4. Notice the lubrication status of the machine and replace or add lubricating oil or grease as per the specified interval.

5. Make sure to frequently notice the temperatures of the transmission, front and rear axles, wheel hub, and brake disc. In event of the overheating, find out and resolve the cause.

6. Before and after each working or driving, check the working status of various portions, check the tightening status of bolts and nuts, and check the connections between drive shaft and transmission flange and axle flange. The connecting bolts between drive axle and frame shall be checked at least once a shift.

7.  During the run-in, it’s preferable to shovel and load loose materials and not to act too violent or haste.

  • Fulfill the following works after a new vehicle runs in for 8h:

(1)   Check the tightening status of all bolts and nuts and especially check thoroughly the cylinder head bolts (tighten in turn under hot status as per operation manual of diesel engine), the exhaust pipe bolts, fastening bolts of front and rear axles, wheel rim bolts, and drive shaft connecting bolts for one time.

(2)   Clean the engine oil strainer and fine filter and the fuel filter.

(3)   Check the tension of the fan belt.

(4)   Check the wiring posts of battery for looseness and ensure the solid and reliable connections of battery wires.

(5)   Check the transmission oil level.

(6)   Check the sealing status of hydraulic system, air pressure system, and brake system.

(7)   Check the connection fixing status of all control levers and throttle lever.

(8)   Check the connections of electric system, the power supply status of alternator, and the working status of lighting and turn signal lamps.

9     .Fulfill the following works after run-in:

(1)Clean the filter screen of transmission oil sump and replace with new oil.

(2)Replace the engine oil.