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Basic Maintenance of New Loader II

Working Deviceof Yutong 956H Wheel Loader

Scooping up, loading and unloading of a loader is realized by movement of the working device. Therefore, the rationality of the working device has direct effects on the production efficiency, working load, power and kinetic characteristics of loaders as well as excavation effects, composed production cycle time (including scooping up, lifting, unloading and bucket returning to the original time), overall dimension, engine power, etc. under different working conditions.

Core components of working device

A bucket is an important part of the working device and often carries large shock bearing and severe grinding under bad working conditions. 

Its structure and dimension parameters have significant influences on the insertion resistance force, excavation resistance force and production efficiency, therefore,

the bucket shall have enough strength, rigidity and shock resistance.

Due to excavating and loading different kinds and gravity of materials, it designs buckets with different structural shapes and bucket capacities. It includes common buckets, rock buckets, coal bucket, coke bucket, etc.

The main grinding plate, bucket teeth, blade and protective edge of bucket use abrasive resistant cast steel materials to improve their abrasive resistance; the blade and protective edge use bolt connection structure for easy replacement; the bucket bushing and teeth holder of the bucket teeth are bayonet structure for easy replacement and are replaced by a sledge hammer or hand hammer.

Movable arm

A movable arm is a mechanism for supporting and rising and falling of a bucket. The movable arm is a single-plate double-beam structure which are connected via the beam. It is made into a curve shape,

making the bucket close to the front wheel as much as possible, decrease the tipping moment and increase stability.