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Safety Precautions Of YUTONG Mining Dump Truck

YT Mining dump truck is an approved product of our company produced on a large scale and is series truck launched through years of development, design and unceasing improvement based on years of producing earth moving machinery, road machinery, piling machinery and special dump truck products.

YT Mining dump truck has good performance, reliable working status and high economic efficiency and is applicable for large-scale construction project such as large-scale open pit coal mine, open air metal and hydroelectric engineering and transportation of cement mine, aggregated rock mine and other earthwork and loose materials.

Basic Precautions

The dump truck is mining engineering machinery and has structure difference in working property from common vehicles. Therefore, before working, please obey all safety rules, precautions and use introduction.

When you work with another operator or traffic personnel at the site, please make sure that all personnel understand gesture signals you used.

Examination before and after working shall be conducted to eliminate potential causes that may cause faults and serious accidents such as oil leakage, water leakage, loose bolt and abnormal sound.

Operation and Working Precautions

Examine following items in starting and stopping vehicles:

Whether parking brake is pulled on;

Whether gear lever is engaged in neutral gear;

Whether power take-off is taken off;

Whether lifting operation rod is put in the middle.

Keep down loader, excavator or electric shovel when charging. The service life of the carriage baseboard greatly depends upon the impact degree of charging.

When electric shovel puts materials into the carriage, please aim at the carriage and prevent that the electric shovel damages the frame of the carriage.