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The battery-charging mixer truck

Yutong Full-electric mixer truck

  • 10700*2550*3940 Contour size(mm)
  • 8×4 Driving mode
  • 15600 Curb weight(kg)


Product Advantage


Product Advantage+

The battery-charging mixer truck, equipped with electric-controlled superstructure, is committed to establish four core attributes of being energy-saving & environmental-friendly, intelligent & safe and reliable & durable to provide our customers with products and service with higher quality.


Energy saving upgrades to protect the environment.+

  • Electric driving system with high efficiency and low noise.
    The maximum efficiency of the motor system (motor and motor controller) is equal to or greater than 96%, which plays a leading role in the industry.

  • Improved regenerative braking energy recovery design.
    When the vehicle is coasting or braking, the drive motor works as the generator to generate electric for battery charging, which achieves the braking energy recovery.

  • Being intelligent and comfortable and having energy-saving control.
    It’s equipped with liquid heating inverter air conditioner for cooling and heating, which is highly-efficient in operation and precise in temperature control, and can save more than 15% energy.

Intelligent assisted driving is safer+

  • The big data management improves the operation.
    The vehicle is under 24-hour monitoring and the real-time monitoring information is available such as electric power, energy consumption, position and fault detection.

  • Intelligent assistance system.
    The AutoHold automatic parking system can prevent the vehicle from rolling back on a grade, after being activated; The WABCO EBS is available and it responds fast and can achieve short brake distance, easy starting off, auto parking.

  • Battery intelligent thermal management.
    It uses Yutong intelligent thermal management system to keep the battery in the best working temperature zone. It also uses adaptive heating technology to lower the heating consumption of battery system.

Being reliable and durable makes you worry-free.+

  • The battery is fireproof with high impact resistance for its safe operation.
    It uses ferrous lithium phosphate battery with high flame retardance which has strong fireproof capacity. 1.7mm aluminum alloy extruded profile is used for battery lower case with three-layer collision protection to make the battery with high impact resistance.

  • The reliability of drive motor improves.
    It uses anti-condensation structure of Yutong to ensure the long-term reliable operation of vehicles in bad weather. It can reduce the maintenance, improve reliability and save use costs.

  • The level of EV system protection improves.
    The level of EV system protection is IP68+IP6K9K. It can still function normally after undergoing high-pressure water jetting, which has achieved the top level around the world.

Electric-controlled superstructure.+

  • Motor+ direct drive reduction gear.
    The mixing drum is driven by the motor to reduce the transmission loss and its efficiency can be increased by over 20%.

  • The high-capacity aluminum alloy water tank.
    It has a large capacity of over 400L and lighter weight for more convenient washing. It uses high-pressure resistant pipe which has the longer service life and is more reliable.

  • The tank rotation speed can be intelligently and automatically controlled.
    The unloading button is locked while driving to avoid accident touch. The tank rotation speed and vehicle speed are independent separately. With the intelligent autonomous control, the mixing performs better and the energy consumption is lower.

Configuration Parameter

  • Dimensions
  • Traditional version
  • New energy version
  • Cab
  • High-tech configuration
  • Dimensions
    Length*width*height (mm) 7405*2550*3480(3685)
    Curb weight (kg) 11000/11400/12090
    Driving mode 6×4
    Traction Mass(kg) 37870/37470/36780


  • Traditional version
    Suspension system 3/4,10/13
    Tires 12R22.5 18PR,12.00R20 18PR
    Brake EBS/ABS+ESC
    Drive axle 2×10t /2×13t /2×16t
    Front axle 7t /7.5t
  • New energy version
    Battery 282kWhkWh ferrous lithium phosphate battery
    Charging device Charging and changing integrated system
    Gearbox FAST 6-AMT transmission
    Motor/power 310/400kW permanent magnetic synchronous machine
  • Cab
    Cab 2.5m wide flat-roofed extended cab with four airbag suspentions and three-section metal bumper
    Instrument desk Surrounded dashboard with multifunctional instrument cluster
    Deflector shroud Optional top deflector shroud
    Sleeper Wide sleeper
    Driver’s seat Driver’s seat with airbag damping system
    Lamp LED lamp, LED daytime running lamp, LED tail lamp
  • High-tech configuration
    Safety and warning system 24-hour battery monitoring system, collision warning system, lane departure warning system
    Intelligent assistance system Anti-skid drive design, compound brake, parking brake

    *Special statement:

    Due to the conversion period between vehicle update and network display, the graphics and text parameters of the page may be different from the actual vehicle. The graphics and text content of the page are not used as the basis for actual vehicle booking. The actual vehicle configuration determined by the specific model and technical parameters shall prevail. Prospective buyers shall contact Yutong sales staff to confirm and Yutong reserves the right to change the picture parameters and the final interpretation.