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Yutong Bridge inspection vehicle makes bridges safer!
[2020-03-10 20:33:16]

From November 1st to 3rd, 2019, the "China (Wuhan) International Bridge Technology Forum and China (Wuhan) International Bridge Industry Expo" with the theme of "smart construction and smart service" was held at Wuhan International Expo Center. More than 50 bridge experts from China, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea and other countries and more than 2,000 industry professionals gathered in Wuhan, the "Bridge building city", to seek scientific and technological innovation and development of bridges. Yutong's 22-meter lightweight bridge inspection vehicle was also unveiled at the bridge expo.

The main purpose of Yutong Bridge Inspection Vehicle is to protect the safety of bridges. Making Chinese bridges safer is also the significance of its birth. At the exhibition site, it attracted many customers to visit with its excellent performance and bright appearance.

Yutong Truss Bridge Inspection Vehicle adopts the integrated technology of mechanical, electricity, hydraulics and telecommunications. It has the characteristics of safety, reliability, wide applicability, and high work efficiency.Its hydraulic cylinder has automatic limit function to provide secondary safety protection, to make sure reliable operation. Its maximum span width can reach 3.6 meters and maximum span height can reach 4.9 meters, which can detect most bridges; it has an automatic walking function, which can greatly improve work efficiency.

Every time spread wings in the sky full of emotions.

Every time cross the bridge, extremely trustworthy,

Deeply precipitated and persistent.

Yutong protects bridges with responsibility and mission

Yutong Bridge inspection vehicle gives best wishes to the 70th birthday of the motherland!

Today, China's bridge construction has won a number of world firsts. For the world's top ten bridges, China alone accounted for 60%. The rapid development of bridge construction also requires more strict inspections to ensure the safety and reliability of bridges. Let us guard the safety of Chinese bridges together with Yutong Bridge inspection vehicle!