Yutong training tour
[2015-02-04 08:56:54]

From 19th, Jan, Yutong company international department has arranged a training classes for both sales and service engineers. The content is about product knowledge,6+1 lesson , FABE, etc.
This is much helpful for both sales and service engineers, because it can help raise our business skills and more familiar with our products. During the training, teachers are not only teaching the theoretical knowledge but also going to the ground to show us the product and let us know each part of the product. This is really good for us to remember the points of each class compared with the normal training classes. As we know, product knowledge and sales skills is very important for the sales man, if you are good at these, it will help to leave your customer a good impression on you and your company. This is also the good beginning of your business.

This training tour will till about 4 weeks. After 3 weeks training, it will be a total exam for both of member.