Why heavy-duty construction vehicles are just like your laptop computer
[2015-03-26 14:12:00]

Benjamin Ma,the Middle East Area Manager for Yutong, a Chinese manufacturer of heavy-duty vehicles from its enormous assembly plant just two hours from Shanghai.

On his stand in Hall 1 dominated by a three-metre high loader, Ma said that Saudi Arabia is the natural choice for any Chinese company looking to expand west.

“This is our first time at the Big 5 Saudi though we have connections with the country here in Jeddah as well as Riyadh and Dammam where Iveco is the agent for our loader,” he said.

“We produce a full range of heavy vehicles including mining trucks, which have a capacity of 100 tones, piling machinery, cranes up to 200 tones and dynamic compactors.”

Yutong will customise all of its vehicles to meet customer’s needs and that Ma believes, is the key to its continued growth.

The chassis on the Yutong hydraulic crawler crane is from Caterpillar and the body and crane is built by Yutong. Its trucks are modified to fit ordered specifications and the customer can choose the engine that is used.

“We can supply vehicles complete with whichever engine they require,” said Ma, who said that many European companies will specify the Cummins diesel but it varies according to local needs.”

For the layman, it’s easy. “Imagine your vehicle or piece of equipment is like your laptop computer,” said Ma. “You know exactly what you want it to do and when you order, you choose the size of the RAM, the hard-disc capacity and the speed of the processing chip.”

And that is what Yutong promises: a vehicle custom made to meet the needs of the customer.

“We are here at The Big 5 Saudi for the first time because we already have customers in this country, construction is huge here and we are prepared to meet any customer’s requirements with machinery specific for their needs and at a great price,” said Ma.

ZhengzhouYutong is one of more than 80 Chinese companies exhibiting at The Big 5 Saudi 2015. It can be found in Hall 1 on stand F136.

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