Yutong Heavy Industries Lorry-mounted Cranes to Saudi Arabia delivered
[2015-03-26 14:49:56]

Shortly after the New Year’s Day, a set of lorry-mounted crane produced by Yutong Heavy Industries was delivered to the buyer, a Saudi Arabian client, after smoothly installing and debugging. Before this fresh progress, Yutong Heavy Industries has realized its sales breakthrough of loaders, mining-purpose vehicles and caterpillar equipment. A new chapter for the company to enter the Saudi Arabian market has been unveiled.

Since the second half of 2014, Saudi Arabia embraced a warming construction machinery market, which brought new opportunities for various less-popular machinery products. The Manager of International Business Department (Saudi Arabia) targeted at the engineering equipment demand in Saudi Arabia and grasped this opportunity. Through proactive communications with local agent, they analyzed the prospect of lorry-mounted cranes in Saudi Arabia. Finally, the first set of 10-ton lorry-mounted crane was sold there.

It was the third time for the client to purchase the products of Yutong Heavy Industries. Its repeated cooperation with Yutong is based on its recognition of the quality of Yutong products, as well as its satisfaction from the regular visits for terminal check by Yutong’s representatives and after-sales service workers of the agent. The client expressed its intention of further purchase of lorry-mounted cranes if no default was found in the next period. Meanwhile, the local agent said there was huge demand in Saudi Arabia. They looked forward to close cooperation with Yutong Heavy Industries in 2015 and building a bigger and stronger brand.