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Strong professional and easy to operate. This product is a fully-slewing, multi-section truss-boom combination and fully hydraulically driven dynamic compaction hoisting machinery independently developed by Zheng Yu Heavy Industry to meet market needs and combined with years of experience in production engineering lifting and compaction equipment. This model has the characteristics of high performance, high reliability, and beautiful appearance.

  • Reliable

    • Mature platform structure
    • Large slewing bearing, large bearing capacity and high reliability
    • High-quality hydraulic components
    • New heavy-duty main winch
  • Efficient

    Work efficiency increased by 34%

  • Low consumption

    Segmented intelligent work, cross power control, fuel consumption reduced by 21.7%

  • Features

    • The pulling force of the hoisting single rope is large;
    • The operation is light and flexible;
    • It can work for a long time and with high power;
    • High security;
    • Comfortable operation;
    • Convenient transportation.