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Professional rotary drill supplier with cutting-edge technology, low energy consumption and energy saving. Yutong’s self-made rotary drilling rig has strong construction capability and wide range of use. It is a new type of rock drilling rotary drilling rig that integrates percussion and auger drilling. It is widely used in the construction of cast-in-place pile foundations such as high-speed railways, bridges, and house construction.

  • Reliable

    • Imported chassis, large horse-drawn trolley
    • Large spread, low center of gravity, high stability
    • CAE structure analysis
    •  Perfect quality control system
  • Efficient

    • High-power engine
    • Three-motor power head
  •  Low consumption

    • Distribution on demand, precise control, reduce fuel consumption
    • Large diameter, single-layer winding, low consumption of steel wire rope
  • Smart

    • APP intelligent control
    • Power head constant speed cruise, automatic smashing