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Yutong bridge inspection vehicle makes bridges safer. The whole machine adopts the integrated technology of mechanics, electricity, hydraulics and communication, which has the outstanding advantages of convenient inspection operation, uninterrupted traffic, flexible work, high operation efficiency, and high safety and reliability.

  • safety

    1. Optional working platform overload alarm system, the system will automatically alarm or cut off the oil circuit when overloaded, effectively solving the hidden danger of overloading operation.
    2. The eddy current retarder is selected to effectively solve the problem of braking overheating and braking ability decline under frequent braking or continuous braking.
    3. The self-propelled drive is driven by a transfer case, and it will not slip and slide on a large vertical slope environment and wet roads.

  • reliability

    1. The hydraulic systems such as pumps, balance valves, motors, etc. insist on using international first-line brands to ensure the stability and reliability of the hydraulic system and ensure the safety of operation; the structure adopts high-strength profiles, through scientific and advanced design methods, and rational upgrades and optimizations, which not only meet the needs of lightweight, Also ensure the structural strength and meet the stability requirements;
    2. The national military standard quality management system ensures the effective implementation of various quality control measures and promotes the improvement of product quality.

  • Excellence

    1. It can achieve a maximum collapse width of 3.6 meters and a span height of 4.9 meters, covering most bridge inspections; at the same time, the overall performance is excellent, while the maximum span width of 3.6 meters can still achieve a span height of 3.5 meters; the maximum span height of 4.9 meters At the same time, it can still achieve a span of 3 meters;
    2. Brand new lightweight design and excellent product performance bring a different brand new experience.