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YT5601GSS Mining Machinery

60-ton off-road wide-body sprinkler, mine chassis, stable and reliable, and large water storage capacity.

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1. Multiple trips are reduced with water tank filled with 36m³ at a time, which is quite economical. The longer sprinkling distance reduces fuel cost by reducing frequent round-trip watering route.
2. The chassis is mature and the technology is stable and reliable by adopting YTK63 mining dump truck chassis. Good performance, low failure rate has been greatly achieved based on the quantity of 2000 units sold since 2010.
3. High performance-price ratio has saved the purchase cost. The purchase cost can be reduced by about 2/3 compared with traditional rigid mining sprinklers based on similar water volume and spraying performance.
4. Convenient operation, wide range of functions and sprinkler actions can be controlled in the cab. Several sprinklers can be controlled separately to realize the functions of left stop spraying, right stop spraying to avoid splashing on the vehicles and the road as well as pedestrians to save water. The truck is aslo quipped with high-pressure nozzles, high-pressure fire-fighting interfaces, fire-fighting hoses and cleaning water guns, etc. In addition to daily sprinkling operations, it can also be used for indoor fire-fighting, outdoor fire-fighting, blasting mounds, cleaning dump trucks and transport domestic water.


model YT5601GSS
Curb weight (Kg) 24000
Water tank volume (m3) 36
Maximum speed (Km/h) 49
Spreading width (m) ≧15
Shooting distance/shooting height (m) ≧30/15
Engine power (Kw) 280/380
Gearbox model 7JDS180/9JSD180
Bridge bearing capacity (t) 13+25+25
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