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High transportation efficiency

The carriage during flat loading may reach 29 m³, and 37m³ during stack loading. The large excavator may be used for construction. The solo vehicle may load more material, reduce vehicle density in the mine area and improve transportation efficiency.


Strong power

The vehicle is coupled with the high quality and performance Weichai engine boasting of strong power and high reliability.

High carrying capacity

The enhanced Pengxiang axle provided boasts of super strong carrying capacity, super high reliability and powerful brake performance. In the meantime, the frame and suspension with optimal design endows such vehicle with powerful carrying capacity and high reliability.

Steadiness and high efficiency

Rigid welding frame, adopt 14 mm high strength steel plate, height 450 mm(height of main and auxiliary beam structure within the industry 530 mm), middle and rear wheelbase 2310 mm. Owing to the wide whole unit, big wheelbase, low gravity center and high stability, the vehicle runs more steadily.

High safety performance

Owing to the newly-designed drum brake, and combined with the powerful brake torque of the axle, the vehicle boasts of good brake performance. In the meantime, the skeleton-type cab used boasts of the sturdy structure so that the personal safety of the driver can be secured in an all-round manner.