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Main Features

1. High reliability: The hydraulic torque converter is employed in this truck, to avoid the torsional vibration of and the impact to the transmission system, thus effectively reducing the failure rate of the engine and the transmission system and improving their service life;

2. High safety: The steering system is equipped with an energy storage device, and it can provide uniform steering force regardless of the engine speed; even if the engine fails, the energy storage device can still provide the emergency power for two cycles of operation timely. Therefore, the safety of the steering system is greatly improved;

3. Driving comfort: The hydro-pneumatic suspension is applied in this truck, so the vehicle can provide a high driving comfort; besides, the automatic shift transmission is well self-adaptive, not only significantly reducing the driver’s labor intensity, but also enhancing the vehicle’s trafficability on a bad road;

4. High reliability of the braking system:

a. The hydrodynamic retarder is equipped for the transmission and the rear axle, reducing the abrasion on theservice brake and extending its life.

b. Carlisle (U.S.) caliper disc brakes are used on both front and rear wheels, and they have a large brake torque and a long service life.

5. Easy maintenance: The vehicle has a big space and a good accessibility, very convenient for maintenance.

6. High production efficiency: The transmission may achieve automatic locking at any gear, effectively ensuring a high production efficiency;

7. Vehicle life: The service life of the rigid mining truck is more than 15 years, which is much longer than that of the road dump truck (3 years) and the wide-body dump truck (5 years) (referring to the service life in the mine lot), allowing users to get maximize returns from their investments;

8. User’s recognition: The Cummins engine and automatic shift transmission are used. They are the products generally recognized by the users in domestic and international markets, with the reliable quality and global service system incomparable for the domestic supporting products.