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Compared with the conventional rigid water tank vehicle,YT5601GSS has high cost performance, thereby saving vehicleacquisition expenses. In addition, it has comparable water volume and sprinkling performance, but its procurement cost is reduced by about 2/3.

Economic, reduce repeated trips. The water tank will be filled with 36m of water once, the sprinkling distance will be more distant, avoiding waste of costly fuel in the frequent round-trip journey for supplementing water.

Easy operation, versatile functions. The sprinkling operation can be controlled in the cab and several nozzles can be individually controlled, enabling left stop, right stop and other functions, so as to avoid splashing into meeting vehicles and pedestrians, as well as accomplishing water conservation. It is equipped with high-pressure nozzles, high-pressure fire coupling, fire hose, cleaning gun, etc. In addition to the dail sprinkling operations, it can also be used for indoor fire fighting, outdoor fire fighting, bursting mound, cleaning dump truck, transporting domestic water and so on.