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High Transport Efficiency

The internal width of the dump body reaches 3200mm; the maximum stacking volume can reach 42m, which can work together with large excavator.

With more material loading and slightly density, the transportation efficiency can be greatly enhanced. The speed is increased from 6km/h currently to 10km/h on a typical 8 degree slope. The average speed can reach 25km/h with good road conditions, Which is more than 20%faster than diesel vehicles.

Strong Loading Capacity

Equipped with large loading capacity, impact-resistant off-road axle,which has large loading capacity and highly reliability.

At the same time. it works with optimized frame and suspension to strengthen large loading capacity and highly reliability of the vehicle.

Safe & Reliable

The rear wheel tread is 2500mm, wide body, big wheel tread, low gravity high stability, vehicle operation more stable and safer to be used in mine;

The frame type cab has the advantages of stable structure, strong pressure resistance and better protection of the drivers personal safety ;

The new design of drum brake greatly improves the braking torque and

Energy Conservation

Yutong has mastered the vehicle control and energy-saving technology and proposed a two-parameter decision-making control method based on energy and power. The energy recovery technology is adopted. When the vehicle brake, the motor is converted into the generator mode and the braking energy is recovered into the battery to achieve energy recycling .The energy consumption can be saved by over 60% compared to diesel