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Superior Performance and Reliable Quality

YTK63 was designed for sever road conditions and large gradient of mines to ensure YTK63 mining dump truck is powerful, with strong climbing ability, reliable quality, and long service life.

Safety and Reliable

2250mm wheel tread gives low center of gravity, which makes high stability and safety The complete vehicle adopts dual line braking system and engine secondary braking system to make it more suitable to the driving conditions on complicated roads; and it combines the skeleton-type reinforced cab to fully ensure the driving safety of the vehicle drivers

High Loading Capacity

The large-section box-shape welded rigid frame designed based on engineering concept and mine conditions has greatly enhanced the bending resistance and twisting resistance ability of the frame; the adoption of high-strength steel for girders has ensured great carrying capacity, strong impact resistance, and long fatigue life; mining vehicle suspension and engineering vehicle axle designed for mining working conditions are more suitable to the mine environment with severe working conditions

High Mobility

10.5 meter min turning radius makes it suitable for the middle and small size mine road.