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1. Wide application range of strong tamping construction:When there's no attachments used, the tamping capacity can reach up to 400 t.m to meet the requirement of most strong tamping construction. The tamping capacity can reach up to 800 t.m when gantry is used.

2. Excellent performance of power unit: The 179 kW Cummins diesel engine with "GB Ⅱ" emission has strong power as well as reliable, economical and environmental performance; the 140 kW variable main pump with high transmission efficiency.

3. High strength, high reliability and good stability of chassis: The retractable chassis mechanism hoisted by the 70 t grade creeper has an extendable folding bracket. When working, the creeper length will be 6,055 mm, and the width can reach up to 4,830 mm, medium diameter of slewing bearing adopted is 1,806 mm, and with a high strength and excellent overall stability; the built-in planet gear reducer and large torque running motor has a large driving force, strong grade ability and high reliability regardless of external influence. The ground clearance of chassis is larger than 360 mm, and grounding pressure is only 0.067 MPa to facilitate a strong passing capacity.

4. High strength of boom:The boom formed by welding of high strength structural pipe has a main chord pipe specification of φ76X9, and has good rigidness, light weight and strong carrying capacity. The upper section of boom has a projected "Goose head" structure which is more applicable for strong tamping construction; the ratchet can lock the derricking winch mechanism to further ensure a safe and reliable positioning of boom.

5. Large pulling force of single rope of lifting winch:For the lifting winch with free hook falling function and M7 working level, the maximum pulling force of single rope can reach up to 10–13 t, and maximum rope speed can reach up to 110m/min. The built-in normally closed brake can ensure a reliable braking of tamper.

6. Convenient and agile operation:The hydraulic control system adopts armrest box type pilot handle control and load sensor with micro-motion function which is convenient and agile; the swing mechanism has controllable free slipping mechanism to facilitate a stable operation without impact.

7. Working with long time and large power:The hydraulic system is equipped with an independent cooling system to ensure the engine and hydraulic system can work for a long time with large power not resulting in over-temperature. The useful volume for the enlarged fuel tank can up to 500 L to efficiently guarantee a day's working.

8. High safety:It is provided with electronic combination instrument, integrated control device of engine data, and automatic warning device; it is also equipped with safety devices such as rotary table swing locking device, boom anti-overturn device, winch over-rolling protection device, lifting ultimate micro-motion device etc to make sure safe and reliable working.

9. Comfortable operation:The shock absorbing connected cab has a wide range of view and beautiful appearance, and is equipped with a guard screen. The human-oriented design inside the cab such as shock absorbing seat, fan, heater and optional MP3 audio player can provide a comfortable operation and good working environment.

10. Convenient transportation:The external dimension for the main machine is 7,240 X 3,300 X 3,400 mm. When transporting, only the boom and balancing weight is necessary to be removed instead of disassembly of the whole machine, and the maximum weight for a single piece is 36.5 t to facilitate a low transportation cost. The supported type balancing weight with the maximum single piece weight of 6.2 t is more convenient for the installation, disassembe and transfer.