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Rotary Drilling Rig: YTR300COther types:  

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 Yutong rotary drilling rig, reliable, efficient, low-cost, intelligent incarnation, won 21 national patents ; advanced technology to make the machine can drill whatever hard stratum. Except for being able to cope with the efficient construction of sand, clay, silty soil, pebble layer and other common stratum, it is also a "sharp weapon"for construction of complicated stratum such as hard rock and karst after being equipped with impact hammers, compaction expanding hammers and other drilling tools. It is widely used in foundation construction of bore pile such as high-speed railway, bridges and real estate.

The drill rig adopts dual-boom parallelogram structure, providing flexible action and high construction efficiency. Meanwhile, such a structure enhances the capacity of torsion resistance of the luffing mechanism, making the rig more suitable for the construction on hard rock formation;


Power head uses three groups of large-motor reductors, providing powerful power, reliable security and high transmission efficiency; the power head has three speeds and it can select speeds according to different strata and working condition, greatly improving the efficiency of construction;

The impact winch adopts free-fall reductor. It is difficult for the drill rig to drill hard rock. At this moment, impact winch can be used to hoist and lower the impact hammer to damage the rock, and then drilling bucket can be used to pick up the slag, so as to improve the efficiency of drilling into the rock. When the drill rig is drilling into pebble bed, impact winch can be used to impact and squeeze the pebble bed in order to form a protective wall. When the drill rig is drilling into backfill soil, impact winch can be used to impact and ram the soil in order to form a dense protective wall to prevent landslides.

The usage of telescopic chassis not only can meet the conditions of transport, but also can make the width of the complete machine reach 4.3 m during working, so it enhances machine stability and construction safety;

Casing drive is optional for completing full casing construction method;

Rear-placed main winch adopts lengthened-type large-diameter winding drum, which greatly improves the service life of steel wire rope;

The machine adopts centralized lubrication, making maintenance and use become easy and improving the disassembly and maintainability of the drill rig;

It is equipped with forehead cylinder, through which the pulley-yoke can automatically fold the mast, so as to reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency;

The drill rig is equipped with support leg, which can provide support when the impact winch is working, so as to reduce the shaking and ensure the stability of complete machine;