Collection and Transportation of Urban Household Garbage

and rapid

Sealed and



Key products

City Road Cleaning Solution

Two cleaning modes for
expressway and loop roads

Four cleaning modes
for truck roads

Three cleaning modes
for business streets

Key Products Middle-size Large-size Wet and dry/natural gas
Road sweeper trucks

Middle-size Road sweeper trucks

Large-size Road sweeper trucks

Large-size Road sweeper trucks(wet/dry)

Cleaning and sweeping trucks

Middle-size Cleaning and sweeping trucks

Large-size Cleaning and sweeping trucks

Large-size Cleaning and sweeping trucks(natural gas)

Cleaning trucks

Middle-size Cleaning trucks

Large-size Cleaning trucks

Large-size Cleaning trucks(natural gas)

Products Case

Our products and after-sales reach every corner of the globe, there are cities where there Yutong, we have a product where there is a sale

  • Ghana customers a total of 239 equipment,include 155 waste compactor trucks、80 swing arm trucks and 4 maintenance tool vehicles.Distribution in Ghana 10 provinces throughout the country, covering 50 cities. Set up four services pit, guarantee the normal operation of the vehicle.

  • After 16 street flushers manufactured by Yutong Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.were delivered to the clients from Nanyang in Dec. 2015, total 78 road cleaning vehicles consisting of 40 cleaning sweeper trucks and 38 vacuum sweepers weresmoothly delivered to Nanyang Environmental Sanitation Administration once again on May 20, 2016.

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