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Yutong Mining Truck Delivered in Batch as a “Booster” to Green Mining!


In July 2022, 13 battery electric mining trucks from Yutong Mining Equipment drove off to Liaoning Province in Northeast China, out of which 8 were delivered to Jinyuan Mining Construction and 5 to Chengyuan Mining.

Since 2018, Yutong battery electric mining trucks have traveled through 28 provincial administrative regions and served more than 80 mining areas. They have been in safe operation for 1400 days without any safety accident and covered an accumulative distance of more than 12 million kilometers. The stability in their high attendance rate and high reliability have won significant trust from customers.

After years of accumulation, Yutong Mining Equipment has established a complete database of mining truck operation and built an adaptability data model for battery electric mining truck. The truck solution is tailor-made for each mining site through modular designing, configuration combination and simulation analysis to maximize the adaptability of the product and solution to mining operations, and increase the operating efficiency.

Yutong battery electric mining truck is characterized by high stability of the three electric systems (battery, motor and control), high attendance rate, large compartment, and high average speed, which will translate into higher transport efficiency and operating profit for customers.

Yutong Mining Equipment will continue on its path of innovation in provision of highly reliable, safe and eco-friendly mining equipment and integrated solutions adaptable to various application scenarios in the mining equipment segment.

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